Back at it…

Hi there readers!

Its been a while but I see that this blog has still been getting hits and downloads! I’m going to start posting bulletin covers again but this time I think i’m gonna change things up a bit. I used to write a short devotional with the graphic but I found that it became a bit difficult to do that with every single graphic/blog post. I definitely want to keep posting devotionals but they may not be as often as they were before. Graphics will definitely get posted weekly though and sometimes it may just be the graphic without any writing from me. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I have a ton of designs that have not been posted on here so you will be seeing a few of them per week!

Also I wanted to apologize to anyone that has tried to contact me through this site and got a very delayed response! I am trying to get back to everyone asap!

Here is todays graphic/bulletin cover! Enjoy!

photo 2


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